Boystown 7: Bloodlines

Boystown 7: Bloodlines - Marshall Thornton Ok, first off let me say the story was good. There were some copy editing errors again (malapropism i.e. passed instead of past) but the continuation of Nick's story was as engaging as ever. The dentist storyline wrap up was a bit muddled IMO, can't be more specific without spoiling it but I was still left questioning the motive. The way that story resolved seemed ridiculous to me. The Jimmy English plot resolution seemed almost trite and annoyed me when I read it. Like the author thought to himself, ok it's the end of the book I need to wrap this up quickly.

The core characters continued to be the main draw for me. I felt the murder or investigative sub-plots this time around were subpar compared to previous stories in the series. Last but not least, my biggest issue with the novel, is that it's not a novel. I paid 6.99 for a freaking novella. When you hit 85% progress it's over and you're reading another "author" interview. Then excerpts from other books. I love the character and I've loved/liked most of the stories so far but I'm getting really frustrated feeling like I got ripped off. I can buy a good 300-400 page paperback for less than $6 so why should I keep paying $6.99 for less than 200 pages of actual content? As much as I love Nick and want to see what happens next, I doubt I will be purchasing the next installment at these prices. If I can't get it from my library I will likely give up on Boystown.