The Truth as He Knows It (Perspectives Book 1)

The Truth as He Knows It (Perspectives Book 1) - A.M. Arthur I couldn't really muster up any sympathy for Shane/Jo and Noel was just kind of boring. The two MC's of this story were almost impossible for me to engage with, especially since I found two of the secondary characters much more sympathetic and interesting. I would rather have read their stories. From what I understand one of them will be getting their own book but I'm not sure whether he will have a voice in the narrative or not. Unfortunately the other character that I liked and wanted to read more about was rather abruptly killed off near the end of the book. I found Jason a more likeable character and honestly wouldn't have minded if Shane/Jo had to die to save Jason.

This series started and finished for me here. Disappointing since I enjoyed the Cost of Repairs series for the most part.