Tal's Book

December 2015
reviewed: Maelstrom: A Whyborne and Griffin Novel (Whyborne & Griffin Book 7)
This series just keeps getting better. Ival & Grif keep growing as a couple and they even got a little kinky in this one. S...
Maelstrom - Jordan L. Hawk
December 2015
reviewed: The Winter Spirit
This was a perfect holiday read. I loved it.
The Winter Spirit - Indra Vaughn
December 2015
reviewed: Will & Patrick Wake Up Married
DNF @ 25%. "He reaches around to wash his ass..." "He shudders as a memory..." "He gets out of the shower and ..." "He smirk...
Will & Patrick Wake Up Married - Leta Blake, Alice Griffiths
December 2015
reviewed: A Hard Winter Rain
Need to time to let my reaction to the book settle. Enjoyed the hell out of it.
A Hard Winter Rain - John Inman
December 2015
reviewed: Graham Ran Over A Reindeer
Stop! Do not pass go!
Graham Ran Over A Reindeer - Sterling Rivers
December 2015
reviewed: The Apprenticeship of Julian St. Albans (Consulting Magic Book 2)
Told from Julian's POV and he has a completely different voice than Alex. I did love it though, despite that it was syrupy s...
The Apprenticeship of Julian St. Albans (Consulting Magic Book 2) - Amy Crook
November 2015
reviewed: The Courtship of Julian St. Albans
An excellent read. A handful of typos/wrong words but not excessive given the length of 360 pages. Robust character developm...
The Courtship of Julian St. Albans - Amy  Crook
November 2015
reviewed: Hard Fall
This was a difficult book to finish. I really didn't enjoy it and will not be continuing the series. Here are a few of the i...
Hard Fall  - James Buchanan
November 2015
reviewed: Second Hand
Funny & sweet. Appreciated the fact that I got the pop culture references in this one, especially given pop culture and I par...
Second Hand  - Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton
November 2015
reviewed: The Dotted Line
This was not what I expected from a Nick Pageant book. It was farcical, and not in a good way. Very glad it was a KU read a...
The Dotted Line - Nick Pageant
November 2015
reviewed: Dante's Circle (An Elliott Smith and John Mystery)
So many thoughts and feelings swirling around inside me right now, a coherent review will have to wait. I feel like I'm grie...
Dante's Circle (An Elliott Smith and John Mystery) - Dorien Grey
November 2015
reviewed: Bitch Slap
So relieved Mark & Neil's relationship survived. It was nice to see Mark finally get that stick out of his ass too. All and...
Bitch Slap - Michael Craft
November 2015
reviewed: Shy
A fantastically funny read. An author who can write comedy as well as romance and thrillers, yes John Inman you rock.
Shy - John Inman
November 2015
reviewed: Spirit
What a fantastic read. Sure the ghost plotline was was nothing original and I knew exactly what was going on from the beginn...
Spirit - John Inman
November 2015
reviewed: Chasing the Swallows
This is my first John Inman book but it definitely won't be my last. Emotional read that hit a little close to home for me....
Chasing the Swallows - John Inman