Tim on Broadway: Season One (The Full Season)

Tim on Broadway: Season One (The Full Season) - Rick Bettencourt This is a hard book to categorize. I realize it's a work of fiction and that I have to suspend disbelief but as a CR novel it's completely unrealistic. The characters are cliches and Tim's professional life is completely implausible. The book came across as farcical as I read it. And yet....I laughed throughout the entire book. We're talking snorting, almost pee yourself belly laughter. There is one scene where Tim manscapes for the first time and omg...go to the bathroom before you get to that scene. It's freaking hilarious. So 4 stars for making me laugh so much, I will certainly remember this book.

p.s. I forgot to mention is was a Kindle freebie, and is still currently free on Amazon.